Saturday, January 12, 2013

Remember When

Leon insisted on a picnic so we sat out on the front lawn and ate apples and turkey sandwiches and sparkling lemonade on a pretty Thursday in January.

Even little Foxy stopped by to say hello, and sneak some of the scraps from your broken wicker basket. 


  1. So lovely! Your photographs are beautiful. Love reading your blog. Especially when your posts are about doing things outside in warm weather! It's raining lots here on the south coast of England! Little bit jealous...! X

  2. Holy Moly J! There are so many posts to catch up on! How do you do it all? ;) Picnics seem so faraway out here.

  3. Well it's much too cold here to picnic, but I sure do love seeing your boys enjoying those apples! ;)

  4. So sweet. Picnics anytime of the year are the best.

  5. oh little foxy is a dear...
    lovely picnic rug.