Scenes From a Weekend // By the Fireplace

With the weather dipping lower and lower lately - and our heater working only randomly (oddly on it's own terms, it seems) we've been stuck like glue to this fire place all weekend. Burning the wood scraps from the teepee poles almost constantly to keep our bones from freezing. We did get out a bit, for a pizza, a movie, and a birthday party. But it was here, with that heat against our back that we spent most of our time. Amazing what a warm fire and some hot cocoa will fix. 

Also, we finally got around to watching the Fantastic Mr. Fox (Or at least I did, the rest of the house fell fast asleep mid-way) "What the Cuss is that all about?"

Very cute movie. 

As for today: we've got a long list of chores to finish up, a long list staring us straight in the face.
Oh, Monday.... Why must you be so rough.