Stuck On

Anne Parker. 

When I first signed up for Instagram - a little over a year ago now - one of the very first people I became instantly smitten with was Anne Parker. I don't remember if it was the moody shadows in her pretty Portland home, or her rotating bed linens and neat wool plaid blankets, or her dedication to a good weekend Bloody Mary and a canning club, or maybe it was the dreamy plant collection scattered around an even dreamy home with all kinds of natural allure.  . . Regardless of the links to my attraction, every aspect of her photos is filled to the brim with warmth and inspiration. She is one of my very favorite IG'rs and now a friend I look forward to sharing texting dates with when time permits. Tis the beauty of Instagram: New friends, new inspirations.

So I wanted to share her here, in case you weren't following along.
Because you should.  She is lovely.

Instagram:  Anne_Parker
Blog:  City Country City