Trader Joe's: The Staples

I've been meaning to do this particular post for awhile now, if only because I have a serious fascination with other people's grocery habits and weekly food picks. Specifically, Trader Joe favorites. I am always anxious for word of something fantastic that I haven't tried before, and some of my very best experiences with new meals have happened because of a friend (or friendly cashier's) enthused recommendation.

This afternoon, with 20 minutes to get through a mid-week food run, I found myself shifting into autopilot and mindlessly weeding through the store for all the "must have" staples I depend on to keep this family up and running. Below, I've listed 20 of my absolute go-tos at Trader Joe's: Items I use daily, and feel barren without.

I was hoping that you might feel moved to share some of your own. 
Like I said, I love finding out what's in your fridge. 
Tell me I'm not alone?

1. low fat T.J granola cereal with almonds: a breakfast favorite for the boys.

2. low fat wholegrain frozen French toast 

3. chocolate drizzled granola bars - these are a sometimes treat in Arlo's lunch and possibly his favorite treat of all. I, however, am not so fond of them.

4. t.j's beef chili - the perfect no-fuss meal when I've nothing else to throw together. We eat this a lot. On baked potatoes, over chips, or with a slice of toasted sourdough.

5. t.j's refresh citrus shampoo & conditioner. I've never been one to buy fancy hair products, so this does the job just fine and smells pretty great too.

6. penne arrabiata - this I make for myself regularly, with fresh mozzarella and some cayenne pepper.

7. t.j medium roast unground coffee. Number one one my t.j must haves. For the price, it's the best coffee I know.

8. t.j Salsa Verde. I use this on everything - burritos, eggs, guacamole, chicken marinade, ect. I'm usually stocked up on this one.

9. organic sweet corn. I sneak this into all kinds of meals.

10. 4$ flowers. I adore their cheap flower selection. It's a weekly splurge I look forward to on every run.

11. cajun style black beans makes the best bean & cheese burrito.

12. low sodium organic chicken broth - for mash potatoes and the chicken vegetable soup I make at least once a week during these cooler seasons.

13. rustic sour dough loafed bread. I could live on toasted sour dough. I don't. but I could.

14. t.j organic vanilla yogurt. A nice after school snack with sliced apples and praline granola mixed in.

15. little critters veggie vitamins - rex once ate an entire bottle while I was showering. we almost have to keep them locked up next to the whiskey.

16. t.j's organic hot cocoa mix 

17. t.j's organic white corn tortilla chips. THE BEST. period.

18. t.j tomatoes. always nice & ripe.

19. t.j's restaurant style salsa especial - I think I've recommended this one to just about everyone I know. A bit too hot for some, though, I've heard.

20. joe joe's sandwich cookies. because Arlo likes to complain that he's the only kid with "nothing sweet" in his lunch box.

There you have it.
What are yours?

* items not pictured: frozen veggies, T.J. Cashews, Simple Times beer, T.J organic apple juice, soyaki island sauce (which Mike uses to "fix" all my meal mishaps. He'll put on anything)