Tuesday Thrift Dates

Every Tuesday, after we take Leon to preschool, Rex and I drop in to visit our favorite local thrift store: A Salvation Army, where tradition has it that he will beg for one of the overpriced pinatas hanging near the toy section, and I will spend a good 15 minutes diligently talking myself out of purchasing any more ceramic coffee mugs or wicker baskets. Neither of us need either of these things, but every week we have to remind ourselves of the fact of it. Sometimes we fail.

I didn't find anything spectacular on yesterday's browsing, but I do have some gems from recent thrifts that I'd love to share here when I have the time. After all, thrift picks are one of my very favorite to post (and read) about here, and on other's blogs.

For now, I am dedicated to catching up on mounds of laundry and preparing for the mother/son dance at Arlo's school this evening. The invitation says we should "wear white, and glow in the dark attire" Leaving me seriously wondering which part of my wardrobe counts as "glow in the dark" . . .

Also, He asked that I not dance.
Not a promise I can keep.

Oh, and emails. I Must. Catch. Up. On emails....