Friday, February 8, 2013

In the Garden // A February Ditch Day

When the boy's school was canceled yesterday due to growing concerns stemming from the aftermath of the shooting of two local police officers, we packed up and headed to Fullerton for an afternoon picnic with *Kristin, Denise and their girls. The Fullerton Arboretum has always been one of my very favorite lunch spots. A space I use to roam sometimes in between classes during my stint as an English major at CSUF next door. 

The kids seemed to enjoy it as well. They ran wild around the 'desert' area, climbed trees and prepared for a party with those little fox felt masks. We snapped some photos of each other and watched them play. Later we made over to Knollwoods for burgers and arcade games. 

We were a loud, messy and exhausted bunch. Luckily the place was empty.  

On the way home Arlo told me it was his favorite ditch day* yet.  

I agree. 

*Kristin also posted her photos from the arboretum here. 
Aren't they great?

* every so often we allow Arlo a free day, to stay home from school and do something fun, even if it's something as simple as visiting Grandma for the day. We were allowed this as children and remember those days fondly. I hope he does too. 


  1. i love your eye. your my very first stop every time i'm blog searching! such an inspiring + beautiful family.

    1. wow, that is such a nice complement.

      Thank you Erin!



  2. i'd love to take the kids there. i grew up very close to the arcadia arboretum, but have yet to visit the fullerton one. that whole situation is incredibly scary and sad.

  3. It sounds like such a lovely day! It is absolutely gorgeous there :) I also love that idea of letting your child stay home from school every once in awhile :) I bet he really enjoys it! haha

  4. No way! CSUF?! That means we're rivals! haha.

  5. i love the fullerton arboretum. looks like a fun day!