Real Life

*Unfortunate casualty of an instagram attempt gone wrong: (in which I tossed the phone, instead of the rubber ball, onto the concrete floor to get the boy's attention and then screamed out loud when I saw the extent of injury sustained) 

New phone is up next moth. Good thing, because it still hurts every time I look down.

Also, hoping you mid week is off to a better start than mine. I'm currently swimming my way out a mass of overdue paper work, DMV issues, business re-organization, valentine crafts and calendar mix-ups. And then we have hip hop class tonight and a ton of teepees to finish by tomorrow. So if you are by chance reading this - and have placed on order -  that teepee is coming. I can assure you, a bit behind schedule, but most definitely headed your way.

On the bright side, we're looking forward to this weekend to be reunited with out beloved RV, on the beach for a small bbq. It's suppose to be cold, but we figure getting out, and visiting our summer home would be a nice little break for everyone. Arlo has a new skateboard he's obsessed with testing on the boardwalk (he's watched Dogtown about 15 times since last Thursday) and Leon lives and dreams that RV since the day he stepped foot in it as a baby, so he's pretty darn excited about just sitting in it and eating a peanut butter sandwich.
Simple things.

Until then, chores & obligations are calling.

First up: Arlo's dance class (in which everybody secretly wonders how a kid with those moves and that confidence belongs to the bedraggled hippy in the waiting room trying to find the pack of crackers she swore she packed to calm the loudest boys in the place without much success) Let's be honest. Dance moms can be tough. And I stick out like a sore thumb.

* pictures to follow. 

Happy Wednesday,