Scenes From A Weekend // Beach Day

We woke up Saturday and planned on snow. 

Driving up the mountain and sledding is what we planned on. It was going to be perfect. Especially considering Arlo has never seen snow & has been insistent on it for weeks now. Except we are God awful planners & found out the hard way that having zero snow gear for five people in February is  pretty much the pits. And that trying to score last minute suits & accessories this time of year, is even worse. We ventured into the dark corners of Wallmart as a last ditch effort and came out empty handed still. Eventually we thought, ok, maybe we'll just wing it. Drive up in long johns, uggs and flannels and run around the snow long enough to snap some photos and say " hey, we made it." But then there was the issue of road conditions, making chains necessary to get up on those newly wet roads, which is when we officially threw in the towel and headed to familiar grounds. The beach. Weather was brisk and the sun was dim but the boys had a blast riding scooters around the boardwalk. We ate tasteless cheeseburgers at the diner on Main, window shopped skateboards and walked the pier. We met our friends on the sand with coffee while the sun sank behind the ocean. It wasn't the snow. And it wasn't extraordinary. But it was a nice Saturday as a family nonetheless. 

If we can thrift some snow gear this week, that trip will be next. 
 Conquering my fear of the long and windy mountain drive, is a whole other story . . .

* Beautiful Week five of You Are My Wild Here