Scenes From A Weekend // A Birthday Boy

Saturday we had a little family party for Rex. It was nice for a change, to do something simple. Typically the boys have big celebrations, with all of our friends and family which calls for a lot of food, a lot of preparation, and a lot of money. Plus I usually end up running around like a mad woman trying to take care of everyone and everything going on and then wind up missing most of the party because of it.

This year I sat and enjoyed it all. I watched scooter races and skateboard turns between the cousins. I snapped photos and helped open gifts. We had a piƱata and ate grandma's enchiladas. People helped themselves. There were just a few decorations that I put together an hour before the party. It was nice & easy. Stress free, and fun.

Now if only I could talk Leon into downsizing his notoriously grand party visions, we might try and make a habit of it.