Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stuck ON:

Vintage Land Rover

Typically I don't pay much mind to the various car phases Mike falls in and out of. We've owned some pretty cool automobiles in our time together - some of which I became very attached to - and others I didn't mind seeing roll out of our drive-way and into someone else's.

The old Land Rover, however, stopped me dead in my tracks when a series of text messaged photos came through last week, explaining it's history, build and evolution through the years. Naturally Mike already knows everything about the old Rovers, and is verging on the side of 'obsessed' All I know is that it's a big, beautiful car that looks as if it fell straight out of a Wes Anderson flick, or open road safari. The ultimate familymobile if I've ever seen one.

I don't know if in fact we might ever own one. But I can assure you I'm not standing in the way of the hunt. They aren't cheap, but usually, somehow, he finds a way.

This time, my fingers are crossed.
Even if it means giving up our beloved bus.


  1. that is incredible! my old rover was my favorite car i've owned. but it was nowhere as inspiring as this. i love channelling the, out on safari look. hope you find one!

  2. yes, those cars are awesome! my dad had one for a while, it was much newer but i always loved it and remember being sad when he sold it. i'm sure mike will find one at unbeatable price :)

  3. I love old range rover's and old school toyota 4 runners.
    good luck! hope you guys get it :)

  4. If you’re willing to give up the ’72 VW camper for a vintage Land Rover, then you must’ve been pretty struck by its history. Personally, it’s okay as long as you resign a classic for another classic. Either of the two would be a great family car, anyway. They are both spacious and wonderful for off-road driving adventures. :) Good luck on the hunt!