In Home

With:  Christina J. 
Where: Silver Lake / Los Angeles 
Who:   Childhood friend, landscape architect design student,
       Scrabble champ,          

I've known Christina almost all my life.
My sister and her played on the same softball team as kids, and then we were later reintroduced in our teens, working side by side as slightly disillusioned hostesses at Marie Calendars. Our friendship rooted in a common taste in books, and movies. And natural contempt for our sleazy bosses.

During my first years in college, while she was still in high school she lived with us with briefly, in a spare room at my mother's house downstairs. Even back then I was impressed by her knack for effortless decor, the way she hung her frames just a touch crooked along the wall, and tacked photos & keepsakes to those cork boards in such a way that appeared instantly artful, and not simply cluttered or loud, like mine.

Through the years she has bounced around parts of Orange County, each of her apartments ending up somehow cuter than the one before. This one here, nestled in the hip wing of Silver Lake Los Angeles, is no exception. Bright peach walls, bold stripped accents, one very cool little black kitchen, and an incredible office space parked where anyone else would designate "breakfast nook" (Unfortunately, I brought the wrong lens to shoot such a small space, so much of the mentioned allure is sadly overlooked)

These are the bits I managed. Showing a fresh space, with a really great roof top spot and the cutest accordion rack I've probably ever met.

Thanks for sharing, Christina.