Back Home

After a swift trip up north. Along the coast with two boys, a best friend, and the opening of her family's wine tasting room solely on our agenda.

The best part about these quick vacations, squeezed into a two day weekend, is that they leave you deliriously inspired. Always hungry for more. "This place is UNREAL. I could live here." Is how you feel for the first two days anywhere outside of your hometown. It's like stepping into a dreamy existence in that you check into darling hotels, eat sushi at 10pm, stop to pet the horses,  and walk along cobble stones streets at noon.

And then you're home. And yet strangely happy to be so.
Except for the unpacking.
And the laundry.

* Pictures of our coastal drive tomorrow. For now, trying to make the most of this dreary foggy Monday, with a heavy list of "things to do" sitting on my lap.