Backstory // Y.A.M.W

Week Eight // This week was a tough one for me. I had a hard time choosing because I just didn't feel especially partial to one photo in particular. Except, maybe, what came from this series.

Stumbling past the two of them in their sunlit bedroom wearing pajamas at noon. Big brother directing little brother in his jumbo block tower construction. Finger sharply pointed at where each and every piece belonged. How high, how long. How many. Rex dutifully following each of his brother's concise instructions. A scene that stunned me immediately because of how rare that kind of harmony happens in that bright corner of their little world. For ten, maybe fifteen minutes I watched them, half hidden behind the door thinking that that 16 month age difference felt suddenly less trying than it ever had before. If only because it meant they could share the same vision, in the same space, with the same intensity and be so happy with one another while doing so.

When the tower was complete. Leon breathed a little sigh of satisfaction. They both stood back a bit staring at the finished product, admiring the team effort that went into that little dream city of theirs. And then, without head or warning, little brother (in typical little brother fashion) threw a quick karate chop to the center of the tower and it all fell to pieces in a heap at Leon's feet.

The scene from there was all too familiar. Leon in hysterics, running down the hall to inform someone of the injustice. Rex, undeniably proud, uttering something about a power ranger, still in awe at the extent of his demolition scattered around the room.

And that photo, with the two of them, two very different boys, with two consistently different agendas working the best they know how to build something together, as a team. Even if they didn't see eye to eye on when or how the end result should play out...

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