Scenes From a Weekend // A Mash up

A storm, the flue, friday night dinner at mom's, a 'new' car, a birthday party, a movie, an egg hunt, a late night garage paint job, an early morning flea market, a cold, a headache, teepees, coffee, a time change, a long nap, a first drive and a short fire.

(Our weekend, in a nutshell)

It was long. Exceptionally long. And exhausting. We were everywhere and managed so many things in spite of this cold finally getting the best of me. The egg hunt was lots of fun. So was the flea market. The Bronco's first drive, however, takes the cake. We took the boys and some friends wheeling around the hills down the road from our house Sunday evening just before the sun went down, got stuck in a small ditch, ran out of gas and then watched the engine catch fire when Mike poured some gas to, well, I don't have a clue as to why, but we saw that bright orange flame come up and everybody jumped in panic. Shirts came off in a frenzy to try & snuff out the flame. Water bottles stashed in my car eventually put it out but Leon might be permanently scarred. Poor kid.

Apparently it was something "minor" Mike claims. But Leon isn't buying it. He isn't the least bit forgiving and wants that car gone sooner than later. I'm right there with him. Broncos are fun. But Land Rovers, Land Rovers are forever.