Week Nine //

Because it's so incredibly hard to get him to stay still long enough to take his picture these days. The ones I have , he is on the go, riding a skateboard, running away, moving faster all the time

Because his face looks exactly, and perfectly "seven" with his warm colored cheeks and smattering of freckles along his nose. His hair the way I like it best. In his nicest flannel, thrifted by a friend of mine who knew, stumbling upon it, that it would suit him well.

Because he looks so handsome, and suddenly grown. Because you can make out the shadows of a man behind those soft dark eyes.


Week nine, I think, is one of my favorites yet. I love the fact that each of us, not knowing what the other is submitting , sometimes follow along the same tones, mood, or angling in the photos we pick weekly. This week, in particular, seems more in sync than ever. Can you see the similarities?

Also, if you have the time, HERE is the best write up of our project to date on Design For Minikind.  The article really captures the core reasons behind You Are My Wild, and why it feels so special to us all. Even those on the outside looking in. For the simple fact that time flies. Kids grow. In the blink of an eye. And these photos are all freeze frame snapshots as it's happening. Another neat neat fact is that I've come to love and care for each child, and all the families in involved. The 13 other members are some of the funniest,  brightest, most inspiring and endlessly creative creative folks I know. Which makes me feel so fortunate to be on this ride alongside them.

Lastly, one of my all time favorite bloggers, Ryan Marshall -  fellow Wild contributor and formerly the man behind Pacing The Panic Room (one of the very first blogs I fell in in love with a few years back when I started reading them regularly, because if how open and honest and well written it was) - Is hosting a dream workshop in the green hills of Vermont this summer. A few days in the countryside learning the inns &outs of proper videography. How to tell a story through video. I can only imagine just how magical it will be. If you think you might be interested, or just want to dream about it: all info can be found HERE. Please check it out.

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Happy Tuesday!