Last Ride

In the 65 Mustang that powered him through those teenage years. A first car, a first escape. A first ticket to the beach.

When I met Mike he had already seen & owned plenty of old cars, at 22 he was very good at making a living buying, selling and trading all kinds of things, cars included.  This one here, not one I remember even ever riding in, so naturally the sentiment behind it was much less for me.

He says he would never again want this car - his tastes having changed considerably since 16, but it's still hard to let go of something that's been a part of you for 21 years.
I would imagine. Anyway.

Our drive way, clearing out - all these half built cars with half hearted fix-ups leaving one by one so we can focus our time and energy on things we love more. And still, it's nice to pack up a big family and drive down the street for some ice cream in that bus.
So, we still have that.