Sometimes it's nice to step away, break yourself from this big social media abyss, and just sit back and watch it as it goes...

I did that. For no apparent reason.
Took a little time off, from blogging, and other little things I pressure myself to keep up on on a weekly basis, and you know what? I had a very hard time coming back. To feel like I might need to say, or share anything at all.

Luckily the reclusive fantasy started to flatline when I was reminded that it is here - the only place I have to empty out these stories - that I even write (semi) seriously anymore. Simple as these posts are, they detail our growing family, changing tides from day to day. Nothing new or especially unique in doing so I realize, but real, and heartfelt. And, in my book, that counts for something. 

It's here where I keep a voice, and a story moving. Small as it may be. A space to share my children as they grow. Tall as they may reach.

All in all, at the end of the day it's a great, positive place to tend to. 
I just think little breaks here and there help keep it fed and filling.   

anyway, happy to be back.