Monday, April 22, 2013

Scenes From a Weekend // Beachday

Another weekend here, on the sands at San Onofre.
No place better to spend a Sunday.

Highlights being:

- a long nap (for me) in the sun
- scoring the shady spot under one of our very favorite palm hunts to house our little party
- the boys studying a leopard shark & bat ray that had washed up  on shore
- bamboo forts they made, and spear fishing attempts later after they'd grown bored of the sand stuff
- jack wandering happily around shallow waters at the shore
- chicken tacos & guacamole from Pedro's
- vanilla ice cream from the newly parked food truck parked along that dirt strip
- a parade of rusted combis in every color imaginable, lining the whole beach
- friends and their salted cucumber snack plates
- exhausted, sun drenched boys falling soundly into bed just after dark, freeing up my night for a slice of pizza and a quiet house to enjoy Mad Men.

We hope to be back this way this weekend.
And every Sunday thereafter if we could.


  1. I love the VW's and your beach is gorgeous. Ours is just cold and in boring old blighty!

    Nina x

  2. Lurve it - so cool and tranquil:))

  3. it really is a fun and satisfying way to spend the day. parents are happy, kids are entertained. win win! see you sunday!;D hahaha

  4. I would be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't the least bit jealous of your day at the beach (especially the nap in the sun part! what could be better??). Glad you are enjoying the great outdoors!

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