Shop Stop

Where: Cleobella / Sunset Beach, Ca


Last week Denise and I dropped by Cleobella, where a good friend of mine is currently interning as a fashion major and suggested we visit seeing that she felt the store and our style might be an easy fit. She was right. 

As rare as these shopping trips are for us these days - with a grip of surly children by our side at all times - it was a serious treat to visit such a pretty space, filled with a great merchandise, as well as get to know the story (and crew) behind these beautifully handcrafted bags and jewelry. Always neat hearing how an initial dream, or creative 'vision' grows into something bigger, something concrete, and fulfilling as a working business venture. There is a lot to be learned here, uncovering how it all came to be. 

Angela, creator of Cleobella, is a regular delight in person. Not only was she very easy to chat with, but she was more than accommodating in regards to us being a big group, with a lot of kids in a small space filled with delicate merchandise (For instance: Rex, anxious to make his way across the street to the beach, at one point, even rolled his bike through the shop and instead of being mortified by the fact, she was easily entertained, even genuinely sweet about it seeing that she has a son around the same age and can probably (luckily) identify) 

And her story, is even more inspiring. The business, born just a few years ago after she and her husband made a conscience decision to focus all sights and energy on world wide travel, eventually landed in Bali, where the source of inspiration hit hard. It was here the roots of the brand took shape and still, where it all manifests. Where much of the design is drafted, the vision solidified and the product manufactured.  I got a brief notion of just how moved she was, by this exotic place, but this video embodies it all. If you have the time, please check it out. It's well worth your while. 

As is the store. 
Be sure and drop by if you are anywhere near Sunset Beach. 
A true gem hunkered along the pacific coast highway that you shouldn't miss. 

* 16792 14th St
Sunset Beach, CA 90742