Around Here

We are
counting down the days till summer break: 18
Listening to / loving / new songs sent by old friends
Building wooden railways daily, pulling them apart, rebuilding them again.
Enjoying new weekend breakfasts at home, of hash browns, egg burritos and sliced fruit in the backyard, before the sun bakes us royally.

Catching frogs, dropping frogs, and learning about gentle (er) releases.
Experiencing restrictions for the first time. Dishing out lectures, and scolding new bad habits that seemed to arise out of nowhere just this moth.

Planning a summer party, and a new creative venture alongside a dear, creative friend.
Wearing solely skirts + sandals in this heat.
Taking note of the little boy crushes that bloom around pretty girls, that come and go around this house
Waiting, hoping, praying on a date night. A movie, and a margarita.
Trimming overgrown rose bushes with over sized scissors.
Planting flowers, pulling weeds.

Spring, leaning on summer. A weight we welcome fully.

So far May has been a really tough month, jammed with all kinds of events, and such.
June looks a little wider. With plenty of time for aimless afternoons.

18 days.
18 days and shrinking. . .