Home Works // The First Grilling

Our backyard has big plans for itself. It always has.

In fact it's taken years to come as far as it has now, which is really only about a quarter done. With a million other projects, plans and obligations that consistently float our way, it winds up getting put on the back burner, momentum slows and progress stops. Not too mention, nearly every inch of it Mike has done himself - formed, and poured and dug and designed it all. It's something we have always disagreed on - a sore point because I will occasionally confess to being just as happy with a lot of overgrown grass, a hammock and a metal grill to cook on, while he is always fully offended by the idea of a plain yard, and would rather plans be big, and unfinished, than simple and DONE. And so he gets frustrated that I don't see it the same. I don't. But sometimes I pretend.

So the big news here being, the outdoor kitchen (though still in it's roughly finished stages) was finally fired up and working as of last weekend. We cooked our first meal Friday evening. Nothing fancy, but still divinely satisfying considering I feared this day would never come. The boys sat picnic style out on the lawn, surrounded by the regular neighbor kid crew, who nicely enough seemed equally enthralled by this new set up.

Then we bbq'd each night after that, with some very fine breakfast burritos we woke to Sunday morning.

It's a start. We desperately need a table to eat at (which he will build he decided after seeing the insulting prices in the dog eared catalogues I saved just to show him) Still far from his big, end plan visions, but a hot grill and those last couple of meals are getting me interested in it all again, for now.