Stuck On

The Girl Who Married a Bear

A few years back, when I took up an initial interest in reading blogs on a regular basis, Milla was one of the very first I fell in love with. For lots of reasons. Because her wardrobe was dazzling, her face intriguing, and her quirky life habits on that mysterious little island, completely (and utterly) enchanting. But mainly - because her writing was sharp, endearing, and downright honest in the best (most direct) way possible. Right off the bat I had a pretty good sense of who she was and where she stood in regards to politics, life philosophies, love, and friendship. I like that. It isn't so common, in the land of fluffed up pretty blogs that promote fancy meals and watered down life insights, to find someone with a strong voice, dedicated to sharing great outfit posts, on top of easy nature that bleeds through on these, sometimes (let's be honest) seemingly bleak interweb spaces we all keep these days. I myself struggle to find the time -or solid patience - to sit down and construct an even fairly, well thought, semi meaningful post that doesn't cut off at three sentences. Milla does it regularly. Which is why, while my list of go-to- blogs I use to drop by religiously have continued to shrink due to increasing lack of free time, hers is one I consisntely look forward to settling into late at night, when those last hours in a quiet house are mine to kill.

She is good time. Drop by, catch up and get cozy. You might be there awhile.

In addition, her new Etsy shop is open as of today. So please stop by & have a look. I already want it all.

And happy May day,