At the Bay

Yesterday we drove down to the bay in Newport, where I spent many of my own summers growing up, during summer break, to meet Mike for lunch. It was overcast and a bit too cool for my liking, but the boys had a blast in the little time we did spend there on the sand waiting for him to meet us.

We had lunch, and then took a quick drive down to look at an old Land Rover Mike spotted a couple weeks ago around a random residential area, and had considered buying. I think he's since decided against it, (a relief considering the projects he already has on the table are plenty)

But it's nice to have him working closer to home again. The past few months he's been deep in L.A - driving sometimes three hours home. Which is downright awful after a long & labored eight hour day.

Fingers crossed this new job lasts through the summer.
We could get use to some afternoons here, when school is off, and dinner down the street near the board walk is so much fun.