Scenes From a Weekend // Father's Day

Sunday did not begin with any particular plans. Mike mentioned wanting to finish up some work in the backyard and we were fine with sticking around home for dinner, UNTIL, we saw how nice it was down at the beach. A few photos on Instagram was all it took. After lunch, and naps we headed down. Mike and Arlo first, so they could take a little drive around PCH. Later, we met them at a nearby storage shop and Leon rode a little motorbike for the first time and we ended up dropping by to visit with friends (who also happen to be band members) 

The big wood planked tree house and the rope swing over at Dale's home were an immediate hit. As was the delicious bbq'd chicken, ribs, and beer later in the evening at the Rivera's cozy patio. A mess of hyper children, a bike ride to the liquor store and a little ukulele made it the perfect night. Something we couldn't have planned if we tried. 

Hope everybody else had a happy father's day too!