Summer Camp

Where: San Mateo / San Onofre State Beach
Tempt: 82 / 69 degrees  
Sounded like: Shovels & Rope, Vampier Weekend,Sir Douglas Quintet 
Tasted: Like bacon wrapped hot links, fresh juiced cocktails, watermelon & Modelos.


This past weekend marked our very first camp date of the season.

We welcomed June with a few old, very dear friends from my childhood years, as well as some unexpected guests that made it down randomly, at different points in time during those couple of days and made for a perfectly lovely weekend filled with great food, non-stop laughter, cold beer, newly perfected cocktails, long fires, and grips of rowdy children running half naked around the sand for three days, utterly delighted by their new friends on their favorite beach*

*Until Sunday, when the clouds hung low, stuck around, and the temperature dropped. We made the most of it, but I would definitely say the change in weather has a slightly souring effect on our moods. Though it always makes for beautiful photos ....

Leon, of all the boys, has always been especially fond of this RV. We bought it soon after he was born, for 500$ to replace the older model we used throughout our early dating days - to hunker down in those summers before anyone had real jobs or responsibilities, to drive friends around at weddings, or camp down in the depths of Mexico (which we would probably not even consider now) Mike fixed it up and we have spent the past few summers camping with the boys whenever we can find the time. It's where they're grown up, in the warmer months. A place of comfort, with the promise of small adventure wherever we go. What I love best about our days here parked on this beach, is that it always feels like home even when the RV is wrecked and filthy, littered with sand, suits and peeling bamboo interiors if only because it allows us time to stop and rest, in addition to housing people we love during a season we cherish. I always say, we could win a million dollars tomorrow and still be on that same beach, in the same motorhome the following weekend. For us, it just doesn't get any better.

Also, I'm pretty positive Jack would agree. It was his first official trip and he was a dream. A perfectly behaved little camper who managed to make a couple friends of his own.

Like the rest of us, he is anxiously awaiting the next expedition.

Bonus photo of our wee RV King here, on this week's YOU ARE MY WILD submission