Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Starts

So school was officially out at the start of the month, for Arlo, anyway - and Leon - as of the 6th, began his preschool break, which means we've been taking full advantage of our new freedom. Stacking as many mid week play dates, picnics, and late night bbqs as we can possibly manage.

The past few days we spent with our favorite girls. The Bovee clan, whom we love (for so many reasons) but largely because having them here seems to provide a nice balance to our all boy, endlessly rowdy household with them being so entirely sweet, gentle, artistic and yet consistently willing to adventure just as hard as the boys. The bunch of us swam, watched movies, (ate more Popsicles than we care to admit) made dinner late in the evening, and ran around the wine & cheese shop where we had a lazy picnic and chased one lone duck around the pond for a couple hours.

Such a relief to have these days with schedules open wide and the sun staying out so much longer, allowing more hours for play.

And, June, despite a fairly hectic weekend schedule building quickly, is looking pretty good so far. Now if only we could speed up the seasonal gloom hanging round the beach, life would be perfect.


  1. love it at tom's farms... i have family in norco, and we've been going with them, and on our own for years.

    it's been fun (via instagram) to watch you two become close friends. love when that happens :)...and love impromptu summer bbq's, picnics, duck chasing-sessions ;)...

  2. Delightful. I am craving those times and those type of plans. We had such a tough week wrought with dilemmas I never want to have and didn't expect for many years, and ones that wouldn't have happened if our summer had begun. Still two more weeks for us :( your taste of summer beginning is keeping me going.

  3. Adorable. Your little bunch seems like they'd just make a series of tiny adventures happen all day every day. Happy Summer!

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