A Roadhouse Wedding

At the start of July, an old friend of mine was remarried on the cliffs of The Lookout bar nestled midway up the edge of Ortega Highway (for those of you familiar) I'd never been there before but legend has it it's got quite the reputation. Old big names who use to stop in for a drink after a windy drive up the mountain, tales about the Eagles showing up and playing on a whim on a dark patio at the rear of the bar. Weddings use to happen here regularly and the photos lining the inside of the place hint at all the nostalgic airs it must have lived through. Those photos, and the old woman inside, who still cooks every plate that comes from the kitchen, were my favorite part about it.

I've known Paige since she was a punk rock teenager with a serious attitude who became a mom (twice) before she was 20. I saw her marry, divorce, welcome a new beautiful baby, and become a wife again here, on the 6th of July where she looked happier than I've ever seen her in all those years prior.

Here's to Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And new beginnings.
And old bars.