A Weekend In Ojai

Summer is coming to a close. For us anyway, with school just around the corner.
These past few weeks have whipped by us in a flash, so much that I can hardly believe July has just about escaped us. Feels like yesterday we were busy preparing for the 4th. And honestly I'm not ready for August. For school shopping, schedules and routines to pick back up. Especially considering all the fun dinners, and play dates, and movies in the park, friends, and long days at the beach we've seen in the weeks since school's been out, with 'routine' out the window.

Last weekend, our family was invited to the Ranchero Inn in Ojai Ca. for a big family style BBQ. It was a blast. The yard section of the hotel was set up with a face painter, crafts for the kids, and food & drink for the adults while the pool quickly filled itself with kids of every age, and the lawn, lined with blankets, umbrellas and plenty of great conversation between quite a few new friends. Unfortunately, I didn't think about digging my camera out to snap any photos of this grand event, for fear of losing sight of the present - a mood I've been stuck in for awhile now, which makes it hard to keep up a blog based on these very kinds of images. Luckily, others were more diligent (and great photographers to boot!) if you care to visit pieces of the weekend, you can see find some great stuff HERE , HERE & HERE

As for Ojai - I would definitely recommend a visit if you're a so cal local. It's offers a nice country getaway just outside of L.A. An old hippy town full of all sorts of cool corners to uncover. The Rancho Inn is a must as well. Great pricing and a hometown, cozy feel with just enough "hip" features to set it aside from your average ranch style inn. We weren't there long enough to properly scope out the bulk of the city, but I do know two main attractions during the trip were: The Farmer and the Cook (for healthful late morning breakfasts) and Meditation Mountain, for evening hikes to soak up the sunsets.

Ojai,  we'll be back.