Monday, July 1, 2013


Resting up from a fun-filled weekend spent in the green pastures of Saulsalito / then San Francisco, with a few of my favorite girls.

Reading The Rules of Civility. I've just begun so I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.

Enjoying This project by Jade Beall, which seeks to help in redefining social standards of beauty and the female form by celebrating new mothers in various states of their postpartum bodies. Check it out if you haven't already. It's quite beautiful.

Eating plenty of Caprese Salads since a friend of mine turned me onto them last month. It's the perfect combo to combat this dreadful heat wave that started happening this past week. For a fancier version than the one I make on the run, there's this. 

Anticipating a great big Forth of July holiday on the beach Thursday, as is our annual tradition. Bbbq, friends, and plenty of tacky flag gear because if it's one holiday we go overboard on, it's this one. Expect plenty of photos as proof later this week. 

Loathing this exceptional heat. Our air conditioner is broken so the second story gets to be brutally hot throughout the day. We've been getting out as much as possible, but the nights are bad and make it very hard to fall asleep. 115 degree weather will surely take the wind out of you, let me tell you.

Missing Mad Men. Sunday nights were the best when I knew I had a quite house, and a snack to look forward to in the evening with my favorite show. Plus I really enjoyed this season. I think I must have watched each episode AT LEAST twice. And although I grew weary of the Draper past flashbacks, think it ended well, (though I cannot bear to face the fact of next year being it's last run. I can't say it out loud. I won't say it out loud. . .)

- As far as blogging, I've been off any kind of regular schedule. Posts are sporadic and sparse sometimes I know. I'm ok with that. Hope you are too. Summer goes by too fast. We try to make the most of it, which means getting out for adventures, visiting friends and neglecting these spaces a bit more. Not a bad thing in the least.


  1. This heat is ridiculous right!? Gosh. I can't wait for the heat wave to end. We made the mistake of going to Joshua Tree this last weekend. Ugh. I bet up North where you were was quite amazing. San Fran always is.

    Your 4th of July plan sounds great! We're planning to hit Huntington Beach for the 4th and get some rest from this crazy heat.

  2. The Fourth is my favorite too. Summertime bbq holiday? The best. I'm lamenting the lose of our weekly Mad Men date in my house .

  3. Oh man, I feel ya. Our home was built in the 50's and we have the shittest windows ever. Last summer our air conditioner was so shotty. It'd work in the morning and then give out in the afternoon. I was pregnant and my husband would call every day to get someone to come fix it (we have home owners insurance). We must have had 15 different calls out before we finally complained to someone high enough to do something. This summer, we have a new air conditioning. I feel for you... it's so hard to sleep when it's so hot.

    I haven't watched Mad Men. I've heard it's awesome, but I can only do one show at a time. We're in season 4 of Breaking Bad... have you seen it? It's rad. You outta give it a go if you haven't already.

    Love that embracing your body project... it's always a struggle to accept the changes us women have to go through... Love that someone has given it some positive attention.

    Happy 4th to you guys xo

  4. I understand about the sweltering heat, I am also a Southerner. I try to open windows and get any breeze to flow through the house that I can, which seems to provide minimal relief. Without an air conditioner, it is especially hard to find comfort at night, and I sympathize with your frustration of 100+ heat.

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