A couple years ago the kid (a med student we found on craigslist who rented our little room out back for over three years) came home from a small local festival raving about this guy he saw who played the banjo. Old school. He swore I would love him. He also said he went out to a bar with Frank and his wife after the show. That they were incredibly nice and super down to earth people.

I listened. And, like so many things, the recommendation slipped my mind the following morning. I never looked into the frank and the fiddle. It was later that I saw his name mentioned yet again *I believe?* on Milla's blog few months down the road. Again, I failed to dig in.

It wasn't until last month, when that I finally took note. And only because Mr. Fairfield was listed on the line up for the Newport Folk Festival in Santa Monica this coming October. We're going. I figured I should better acquaint myself with some of the other artists seeing that really it was hearing that Shovels & Rope were playing that sealed the deal. Initially I could have cared less about the rest of the show, but now, I'm quite excited to see this guy live.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

* for the record, I do prefer him with the big mustache.