Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A San Diego Playdate

Where: San Elijo lagoon  / Salk Institute 

When: Monday, August 5th

What: Sunshine trail hikes with Henry & Lucca + picnic on the trails

Seeing that this is our last free week of summer, we really tried to squeeze in every last overdue play date left on the books. Monday morning we met Jaime and Henry at San Elijo Lagoon, for some hiking. The boys (and sweet tiny Lucca - who held her own amongst these crazy guys) walked the trails, hopped around in muddy banks and listened to bugs, collected sticks and ate sandwiches in the shade before heading up the freeway a few miles for a short tour of the Salk Institute, which, by the way, is completely mind blowing. I'd actually never even heard of this place, so I had no idea of what exactly it might entail. But it's incredible. Not an ideal place for kids, but worth visiting however/ whenever the opportunity strikes. We weren't there long, but did walk the courtyard area, checking out the gorgeous pools and sleek fountains. Watching the hang gliders jumping from the cliff across the view, until temptation took over and the kids all decided to jump into the center of the cement water creak that lines the middle of the place, and we became sorely aware of their sense of adventure growing higher the closer it got to nap time. Not the best place for loud, overly excited children. 

We were home by 3.
The boys perfectly exhausted, and me, eagerly searching the web for this documentary, to learn a little more about the man behind this stunning building.


  1. lovely photos and play date. I know the feeling of trying to cram in everything before the end of summer.

  2. I love seeing such a different landscape from my own.

  3. New to your blog and LOVE it - found it via the Littlest and the Ojai post and drawn in by your amazing teepees and Etsy shop. I'm really moved to comment because I love your writing and photography - a beautiful and unique voice and vision. I'm also a stay at home mum, relatively new to it (21 months!), living in London - so big city, very British, totally different culture and lifestyle which can feel stifling a lot of the time (my parents are from Spain and Australia - so v different!). Your blog makes me long for the beach and to escape the city and the English... I also love your descriptions of the reality of being a stay at home mum and what my mum calls 'the washing machine syndrome' - laundry laundry laundry etc - now most mums I know are back at work and have cleaners... What a beautiful, honest blog you have and I think I have a special crush on Leon - that kid is too cute! Please keep writing!

  4. San Diego is the perfect place to take a road trip! It looks like you had so much fun. Great shots by the way, Thanks for sharing this :)
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