Around Here

We are:

- Gutting every closet in the house (AGAIN) to rid those spaces of all that mysterious crap that accumulates over a year. How does that happen ...? 
Old clothes, unused toys, piles of junk that sit and wait for months to finally be sifted through, mixed with papers, and school work. So, much, school work....

- Gearing up for a camping trip next weekend. Likely our family's last, in the RV, for the season.

- Binge watching Orange is the New Black (during nap time) on Netflix. It's great. Watch it.
I actually just finished the 13 episodes and am wondering now how to go about my mid afternoon hour without it. Laundry, emails, and no Orange to keep me company. It's been rough. Any new show suggestions are much appreciated.

- Planning a birthday party for Leon in Sept. He is our only summer baby, so his parties are usually the biggest, and well, probably the most fun. Weather makes all the difference. This year he wants to celebrate on the beach. I think we know the perfect spot.

- Considering a pet gold fish. Arlo wants a frog, Rex wants a snake and Leon could care less. I figure a fish might hold them over for now. I think we can handle that.

- Pushing chores, big time. Especially with Arlo. He's seven now, so his help is really needed. Every day he has a list on the big chalk board in his room reminding him of what he needs to do in order to get the 5$ allowance that comes on Friday when all the week's boxes have been marked off. So far it's been very helpful. For me, and the house. And the dog he's feeding ( regularly now)

- Practicing some new gluten free desert recipes. So far our flour less peanut butter cookies have been a big hit, cupcakes are the next hurdle. Hoping to find something tasty in time for Leon's party.

- Eating a slice of sourdough toast every morning, with one, beloved cup of coffee just before they wake. It's 15 minutes that I look forward to every day. I'm not a huge breakfast person, but toast is one thing I never tire of. And a dim, quiet house is nice too.

- Searching for two new patio chairs. Ours are busted. Perhaps the flea market will help us out next month, because a porch with no chairs is a pretty sad sight.

- Looking forward to a Friday date night, which we have not had in months. Literally I cannot remember the last time Mike and I went out to dinner, or a movie together just for the heck of it. Seems the only time we plan a sitter is when Mike has a show, or we have some kind of official engagement to attend - neither of which count as a "date" in my book.
Simple nights out are far and few between.
We don't know what, or where will go tonight, but really, it doesn't matter.

Hope your end of summer weeks have been treating you well. At first I was mourning the passing of summer, but this humid weather has me feeling much different all of a sudden. So I'm ready to now see it out. Also, please forgive my increasingly sporadic posting schedule round here lately. I can't seem to keep up on the blog as easily as I use to, but I do plan on sharing some things I've been thinking about including new music, thoughts on public schooling, and a couple cute stories I jotted down regarding the boys, and how they are adjusting to school very soon.

Oh, and hey, big thanks to Apartment Therapy for including our wood shelving unit in their " 30 beautiful kid and work spaces" we are quite flattered.

Much love,