August Rose Bowl

So a few of us girls made over to Pasadena again this Sunday, for the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
Not as early as I'd prefer, but a small step ahead of the crowd, which helps considerable when you realize how quickly it starts to fill up about 11, and it becomes just another hot, over crowded parking lot event. And besides, early bird gets the worm, eh?

The R.Bowl is tricky. It's almost always overwhelming if you let it be. All the rugs, and pillows, and lamps, and rockers, and crates and baskets and boots and posters and mind century trinkets you could possibly imagine. Old world flags, amazing canvas goods, art, and so on, at varying prices and often wedged in underloved corners you have to dig through if you have it in you (when the weather is hot, we most certainly do nog) So we've learned to stick to the specifics. Scouting only the chosen items we have in mind for that month. Be it vintage clothing, old boots, felt hats, or, in my case, most typically,  antique furniture. Otherwise, it'll make your head spin and your wallet shrink faster than you can say "hold the change"

This time, our group stuck to clothing. I had in mind dresses in particular.

Below are the picks I walked away with on this trip.

2 pretty great summer dresses - 10/ 30
2 batik skirts    10 / 10
2 rings              3 / 3
1 cowboy hat    5
1 leather carved clutch  10 =  81$

* If you add a late lunch at CaCao Mexicantessen -  18$ (which was delicious, btw) it brings the day to just a little over 100 bucks.

And to that gorgeous blue Indian gauze dress I tried on and walked away from, hang in there. I just might see you in September . . .