On A Tuesday

We sat and watched their girls play dress up on the patio,
ate hot dogs and sipped margaritas, listening to new music

talking about babies, and how quickly babies become children,
taking note of the cool breeze on our shoulders after sunset
snacking on chocolate and taking photos.


It wasn't an official end to summer, but simply our last free day before school began. And a nice one at that. 

The season isn't over. I remind myself of this to calm my anxious heart, jumping at all the stuff we still need to squeeze in before the month if through, and Fall comes knocking. Camping at Doheny, Big Sur in September. A block party, a birthday party, and hopefully, a couple more bon fires if we're lucky. 

In the meantime, we're back to early bedtime and homework in the afternoon. Alarm clocks and brown bagged lunches. 

But the daylight is still long. So we make the most of it while we can. 

Because if there's one thing this family does well, it's Summertime.