On A Wednesday

We were introduced us to El Morro beach.

There were races, and maybe some pouting, snacks on a wind stricken picnic table. A short tunnel adventure, a plastic pool on the sand, flips that made me cringe, lots of wave chasing and plenty of delighted squeals coming from two incredibly sweet little girls.
And one hug, denied.
Rex is a grump.
What can I say.

An especially exciting playdate considering the back story:
I had met Kate briefly during an all girls trip to San Francisco years ago, fresh out of college and newly pregnant with Arlo, where we stayed with a mutual friend - her roommate at the time - and I was instantly intrigued by her because of the collection of unique art and knick knacks scattered around her room, as well as her extensive Dylan records and super rare photographs of him in the early 60s. Oh, and a coonskin cap. . .  I can faintly remember snapping a single photo of her wearing it that I loved, and have since lost (Like all of the photos from that colorful era, trapped in the poor fate of my old stolen laptop)

Sot it was really nice to meet face to face all these years later. To laugh about the old days, life before children, and life with. Seaside with a bunch of beautiful babes by our side.

And that beach, I can't believe I didn't know about it until now.
A new favorite for sure.