Scenes From a Weekend / around the house

We stayed around home and cleaned all weekend long. Majorly. More clearing out than cleaning, but still, lots of labor happening these past few days. Mike pulled out the entire garage (which was awfully packed with all kinds of wood & clutter and God only knows what else) to get organized and build a better working space before the holiday teepee orders kick into full effect next month and we get buried in the mire of all that crap. As well as open up floorspace for all the other constant projects that go on out there. Guitar repairs, car restoration, electrical, wielding, furniture building, household fixits, and a whole lot of packaging.

The boys helped both days. They were even paid for their efforts by the guy who came to pick up our excess tile listed on Craigslist, grateful for their help, pulling load after load to his truck by wagon. 5$ each, to "buy some ice cream" - Which we did, late Sunday night.

Rex joined me for a quick trip to L.A  Sunday morning to drop off some orders and have breakfast at *Sqirl Kitchen with friends before heading back home. We also stopped by my friend Courtney's house to take some photos at her request, of her 36 month of pregnancy. Happy we did. A text this morning shared that labor came almost a month early and her sweet baby will be here today.

Other than that, we are back to school. And half way more organized than before. With still, quite a ways to go before things look and feel "ready" to open up shop again.

which, while very healthful and cute with their mismatched dish ware and festive (but tiny) lattes, was likely not a place I would visit again too soon. For a few reasons: the chalk board menu appeared far too hip to have any numbers so while ordering you have to point and read full breakfast descriptions, and the space outside is teeny, so breakfast with a kid (who is admittedly a bit distracted) proved annoying to people sitting almost elbow to elbow beside us. And my rice plate was maybe a bit too exotic for my liking, and all that dill, I'm not a fan of. but the open face Brioche toast is like no other. And well worth the other annoyances listed above. Oh, and, they don't serve pancakes until 11AM! What . . . ?