A Party for Five

This year, Leon decided he wanted to celebrate his special day on his favorite beach. Which turned out to be one of his best ideas yet. It was, by far, the least stress filled birthday party we've thrown yet. We kept it simple by stocking up on some goodies from the dollar store, a bag of pretty wooden beads from the craft store to string jewelry, packed up bubbles, hot dogs, corn, salad and sandwiches for lunch and set up camp under one of two little thatched huts on the beach. The grey morning skies dissolved and the sun came through just in time, right before the party started. It was a carefree day on the sand for everyone involved and I was able to actually sit and talk, take photos and play with the kids. They ran wild around the beach, two of my nieces surfed for the very first time, and Leon was perfectly content digging in the sand alongside a few of his friends while Arlo and his pack stuck closer  to the water where the surf held the bulk of their interest most of the day. We also skimped on big decorations. No pinterest, no party boards. Partly because I was just coming down with the flu, but more because I decided the beach is festive enough and sometimes all the decoration duty starts to feel more about me than anyone else. Like, how adorable can I possibly get this party to look? Not this time. That giant number five balloon and the bull pinata was all we brought. And they both made Leon's day for sure.

As for five, he is wearing it well. I know all kids love their birthdays, but this kid seems to love his a tad more than most, which makes it so much fun (and easy) to really indulge him. I think the day was just as special as he hoped it would be. Maybe even more so. What I'm sure of is that with all the complements we got on the day, and how much more at ease I was here rather than at party in our own home, it that this is likely to become a new tradition. Warm sand, sun and friends by the ocean are a hard combo to beat, afterall . . .

Happiest birthday to our sweet boy.
May this year be as bright and joyful as he imagined.
And may it bring him plenty of new experiences to fill his heart and dazzle his head, the way each new year should.