Scenes from a Weekend // Doheny Camping

The past few weeks around here have been rather rough. Due to an unforgiving heatwave with a humidity level that feels totally, and completely unjust for those of us without air conditioning. It takes everything in you to not give in to the desire to collapse on the bed in front of a big fan during the day, and the nights can be even worse. Which is why we headed out to the coast in hopes of escaping such God awful weather. However, turns out the heatwave made it all the way to shoreline. Complete with sticky, humid days and stuffy sleepless nights just the same.

On the bright side, the beach was absolutely gorgeous. Not a hint of grey clouds, or overcast mornings like is typical for this particular beach. But bright blue skies and sunny sand banks filled with noticeably happy surfers, reeling over the increasingly warm waters and big surf. Mike was in heaven. The boys  too. They played and napped, ran the beach, chased waves and snacked during the day. Denise visited Friday, to snap some family photos. We haven't had any taken any of us all together since Rex was a baby so I'm looking forward to seeing what she captured.

Other highlights included a delicious dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, lots of tacos, naps for everybody, and Rex's first attempt at surfing Doheny, where the surf is small and kid friendly (Though his bravery dwindled the further out he got and he flat out refused to stand up in spite of Arlo's incessant cheering from the sand)
Maybe next time.

Back home we are catching up on the regular aftermath of a camp adventure. Heaps of laundry and piles of dishes stacked in the sink. Tomorrow is our annual block party so we will up early preparing the house for a few guests and the street for a giant water jumper and a line of bbq's rolled out onto the driveways before it gets too hot. It's the last day of a long, hot weekend.
We plan on making the best of it.