You Are My Wild // Week 35

A little more than half way through the year and these photos and this series continues to inspire me to work at new and unobtrusive ways at capturing childhood in it's rawest forms. As it unfolds in the shadows of our houses, on crowded summer beaches, in bedrooms of friends and backyards unknown. Visiting new people, meeting new places. Magic, at every turn every step of the way.

Week 35 over at You Are My Wild is up today. Stella, in her striped suit and big brown knowing eyes stole my heart at first glance. She appears to have the secrets of the world behind them, doesn't she?

And yet each of the photo submissions, equally touching in various ways because of the stories they are telling. Of growing up. Week to week. Seasons shifting, teeth missing, bones stretching. Families expanding, children changing . . .

Faces (and families) I've come to love, if only from a distance. Because of all of the life lessons they have to teach us. In their simply being young.

photo by brooke schwab