Kiddie Brunch

Kiddie Brunch / Craft day

This morning we hosted brunch for a few of our favorite preschool aged friends. Each of our guests brought something delicious which made it fun because the contributions were all a surprise. And it proved much easier on me as the host. Potlucks are the best, aren't they?

For the crafting table I put together some super simple projects for the kids to work on as they pleased - mostly just paper puppets and dollar bin items they painted and seemed to really enjoy. Plus their crafting gave us time to catch up with one another over coffee and all those tasty new plates. The cool weather and a little rain lent a nice and unexpected touch as well. We were all starting to worry about our Fall warming up too much again right when we were all ready for a change. 

As for the holiday season, it's just starting to fall into full force. We know too well things only become more and more hectic and schedules fill faster than we know what to do with in the coming weeks. This past weekend, for example, nearly swallowed me whole. If I counted right, we made it to 3 Fall Festivals, 2 birthday parties, one annual pumpkin carving neighborhood event in addition to two haunted houses! We are all spent. After this morning's gathering we all changed into pajamas and collapsed on the couch. We haven't moved much since. These next couple days we plan to rest up and prepare for one more party and then trick r' treating Thursday night. 

Until then, I'm giving in to a long overdue netflix date starting tonight. 
No glue guns, no emails, no laundry, no clean up whatsoever. I'd say it feels well earned this time.