Scenes From a Weekend // Civil War

Sunday we took a short step back in time, down the street from our house where we experienced our first Civil War reenactment show.

In all honesty, I had my doubts going into something like this. Wondering about the people behind the event, spending all this time and energy trying to create such a fierce and bloody point in our nation's history for these traveling weekend shows seeming just a tad creepy for my tastes . . .  I had them pegged as battle hungry grown men with a penchant for old war glory. And worried that something of this nature might be too violent and confusing for Rex or Leon to fully grasp. That explaining "fake" deaths, from fake bullets might get tricky.

Turns out, I was mostly wrong about all of it. The folks participating seemed genuinely (if not exceptionally) nice - not socially inept war mongers but regular history buffs mixed - with what I'm guessing were a few theater hands with some acting backgrounds thrown in. The women in their petty coats and the girls in their bonnets were beautiful. The children involved were adorable and so incredibly polite. The grounds were set up great too. Very authentic detailing that was fun to wander around in. The worn pup tents, and booths filled with old fashioned toys and flags, clothes hang drying, old guns, dried snacks and home made dresses.

Watching the actual war play out wasn't so bad either. Nothing like I had imagined. In fact the boys seemed to pick up right away on the fantasy behind it all. The canons booming were their favorite. The horses, the uniforms and the dusty field band were mine.

In short, I'm glad we made it down to see it. It isn't every weekend you get to meet Abraham Lincoln, eat gold mine bubble gum while shopping for wood muskets and bumping into rebel forces between tents.

I say if you get the chance, try one of these shows out. Especially with little boys in tow. Mine usually don't agree on much, but this, they all three really enjoyed.

Father John Misty / video version 

civil war from Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.