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Because: Lilly Stockman is everything I love in a blogger. 

Well written, full of sharp insights, dreamy photos of her constant travels and killer book recommendations, effortless prose that draws you in easy, and immediately even when referring to  sometimes unfamiliar reflections on art in general. She also happens to be co-founder of the ever lovely block printing textile company based in India, Block Shop which I'm sure you've heard of?

 Lots of creative pulses flowing in this gal's corner.

- from her recent Violence, Vanity, Wilderness post

"The comfort of old friends in the wilderness: howling coyotes, a pair of great horned owls, uppity cactus wrens, a covey of Gambel's quail, a despotic hummingbird buzzing the microphone at 2:20. I talk and write about how the physical landscape of Joshua Tree fundamentally shifted my perception of light and space, but now I realize I've been narrow in my argument; the aural landscape is just as profound. (I feel guilty for finding comfort in this, guilty in general.)"

 ~ Take my word, and visit her when you get the chance