Monday, October 7, 2013

Way Over Yonder // The Balled of Shovels and Rope

Saturday afternoon at the Way Over Yonder festival on the Santa Monica pier, my summer wish came true. I finally got to see Shovels and Rope live. And boy were they were incredible. Best live band I've seen in years. I'm already itching to see them again, hopefully headlining next time.

Late afternoon we hung around the pier, spotting random celebrities, snacking on some god awful vegan macaroni and meeting up with a couple other friends there for the show. We waited around till the end only because we were graciously allowed up front to watch Neko Case close the place down. She was majestic, and . . . notably "odd." Just like I imagined her to be. All and all it was a great time. The best way to kick off the season and spend a beautiful day with a few of my favorite girlfriends (mike is "not the festival type" so even though a ticket was bought, and meant for him, he managed to weasel his way out last minute. A blessing in disguise considering ten minutes in I realized just how utterly bored he would have been by the whole thing)

What's got my heart jumping now, is stumbling across news of this full length documentary in it's last leg of production that's working the ropes of Kickstart to try and scrounge up it's last few dollars to secure final funds for the promotion it needs to get into real theaters. I wanted to share the trailer because I think it frames the raw heart and soul behind a solid grass roots band recording their first album. She's waiting tables, he's fishing in overalls,  the dog is named after Townes Van Zandt. Need I say more.
Watch it, tell me you're not smitten.

I've already pledged my donation to secure my own copy of the doc. Now Waiting until Feb to actually watch it, that's gonna be tough.

~ "FISH AND GRiiiiTS" ~



  1. LOVE THIS - thank you for the intro to Shovels and Rope! I hope the doc makes it and I hope they come to the UK! Ha ha my guy doesn't listen to music at home ever !!! :( :( :( but is a little too good at festivals x

  2. Someone turned me on to them this spring, maybe it was you, and I seriously can't get enough. I've been rockin' and rolloin' to Oh Be Joyful for the past few weeks and it is, in fact, making me joyful.

  3. Awesome! New music is the best and this sounds like a an intriguing one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just checked out their kickstarter... I loved this part:

    "Their story resonated with us seeing as though it was our first year of pushing an indie video production company, The Moving Picture Boys, using inexpensive cameras and working out of our own apartments. Their story was our story. We were doing whatever it took to do what we love on our own terms using the resources we had, and then it clicked."

    Love seeing collaborations like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. glad you got your summer wish :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the project. I love this band. They will be performing in my area in December and I'm hoping to go see them.