Enjoying:pulling out the Christmas records. I just ordered A Charlie Brown Christmas. Our holiday collection is pretty slim, so I figure the classics are a good place to start. Next on the list, Willie Nelson's Pretty Paper. 

Embracing: this, the calmer month of the season. October really took us for a spin, and December will surely kick into full gear and throw our life (and schedule) into a whirlwind. Leon will be performing in his preschool's Christmas play this year. By far one of the events I am most looking forward to next month. Arlo at the same age played a little drummer boy. It was adorable. The whole production itself is just darling. 

Wanting: A nice new robe. Mine has seen it's better days but I can't seem to find a decent quality replacement. As always, recommendations are welcomed. Thinking maybe I need to make a Christmas list of my own. 

Resenting:A newly defunct microwave - which means reheating my coffee every morning by kettle. A small connivence I did not realize I would miss until it was gone. 

Loving:This little piece on Amanda Jasnowski, a beloved photographer / artist on IG that I was happy to learn more about. Especially her back ground and overall work ethic. 

Missing:Wine in the evening. Mostly when it's cold out. And the house is dark and quiet. For now, hot coco has proven a decent replacement. 

Watching: Pretty Little Liars, via netflix. A couple "friends" practically forced it on me and even though I resisted all the way through a big chunk of season one, it finally got me hooked. Now well into season two, I would say I feel about 13 years old watching it. But. It makes a pretty good laundry companion, for the time being ~ shaking head in shame ~

Considering: The Echo Park Craft Fair the second weekend in December. Anyone else?

Dead Set: On making a version of these little guys, with the boys as tree ornaments. Perhaps another holiday kiddie craft party might just be in order after all.