Fourth Time Around

Our Fifth pregnancy, actually . . .
And longest stretch between babies
Our first spring time due date . . . As we've only known new babies in the fall and winter months.

Lots of excitement and plenty of questions coming from three curious boys.

"Who put that baby in your tummy and how's it coming out?" Leon wondered, first thing the morning  after getting news of another baby on the way.

"I thought you were just getting fat" was Arlo's very direct response. He seemed relived there was a reason behind this expanding belly.

"Push it out right now. Just do it. I wanna see IT!!!" Was Rex's contribution after hearing a very brief and simple explanation of how the baby comes out "with pushes."  He still thinks waiting another few months is downright ridiculous.

All I am sure of, is there is plenty of love brewing in the roots of their anticipation.
Every one of them showing new joy in welcoming another baby.

Soon enough boys.