Home Video // The Outtakes

I spent all morning, and I mean ALL of my morning and most of my afternoon, going through and organizing this past year's photos on my laptop. I put together a few photo books that I'll be eagerly awaiting in the mail next week, as well as cleared out lots of video and photos that were either just bad shots, or scores of multiples.
With digital, we take so many photos . . .

It was quite an exhausting feat.
And I'm not even close to being finished.
A lesson in what happens when you let that kind of stuff pile up through the year, neglecting all editing and so forth.

Below is just a funny little video I threw together with some of the "outtakes" taken through the year, choppy video clips most of which served as old vine contributions or miscellaneous iphone recordings. The video itself is all over the place. But amusing in that you still get a good sense of the boy's and their  rather bold personalities, brief as it is. No particular order, no particular theme. Other than endlessly rambunctious boys and their endlessly mischievous antics. 

hope you enjoy.

the outtakes '13 from Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.