Friday, November 1, 2013


Parties, and costumes, events and parties. We definitely made the most of our Halloween this year. And now that's it's finally over, I'm downright exhausted. We all are. But it's a year I (and hopefully they) won't soon forget.

Looking back, I'll remember:

Rex waking me up before the sun, standing at my bedside in his beloved blue cape asking "so do you Lub it?" 
Leon being mobbed by a group of excited teenagers enthralled by his uncanny resemblance to Jack Black, or - Nacho - as Leon only knows him.
Arlo, refusing my frustrated requests to have him stand still for a single photo while insisting on his own zombie skate pose that funnily enough, became one of my all time favorite pictures. 

So many parties, so many cute kids in creative get ups. And all those sweetly constructed preschool decorations coming from four of my favorite little hands. The older boys chasing poor Rex around the house all hours of the day in various masks and wardrobe, squealing wildly as he screamed and ran for mommy. Growing disappointed when he finally started to kind of like it.

Throwing together a "haunted bus" in less than two hours on the hectic Friday night of the elementary school's annual trunk r' treat. Working like crazy to stuff flanneled clad monsters and web the windows, pouring dry ice into buckets of water, and still managing to snag first place for "spookiest trunk" in spite of our all of frenzied last minute creations.
We're good that way. It's a trait I've come to take pride in instead of wishing we could be more prepared - or "organized." Which we'll never be.

Mike and I arguing over the art of mummy wrapping. His take being tidy and tautly wrapped. Mine, loose, knotted and totally ragged. Every time Arlo got dressed, his costume took on a whole new working. None of which we ever came to fully agree on.

And my sweet Leon worrying that the kids in his class might laugh at his hand painted mustache. Then growing nautically confident seeing their appreciation for it upon his arrival.

It was a full and festive month indeed. But I'm ready for a little rest before the string of Holidays to follow. Doing my best to soak up the quiet days in between. As we all know, the next couple of months won't see too many.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween and give yourself a nice break this weekend.


  1. Thanks for the window into your Halloween world. Last minute I turned my girls into strawberries and we had a great time. Taking a break with a rummage sale this morning and a good old fashioned -no plans- day. :)

  2. So. Rad. Scary little folks. Love it!

  3. I just jotted down on the back of a receipt things about this year I don't want to forget, after reading this. Thank you for inspiration and taking the time to look on the bright side of chaos.

  4. I would have to agree... one of my favorite pics of Arlo too. Such a rad shot. I'm posting the couple of pics I took tomorrow... you'll see my mummy attempt missed the mark... Granted I had to rely on others entirely because I can hardly do anything by myself these days... and his face paint was not at all how I intended it to be... but whatever, he was still pretty cute ;) Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

  5. That mummy skate pose had to be my favorite Halloween photo on IG. So perfect!