Rainy Day Treats

Seems this post was posted somehow last night, before I even finished writing it.
How embarrassing. I suppose that's what happens when you're trying to do ten things at once, right before bed.

I'll start again, much briefer this time. . .

With the rain yesterday we welcomed the chance to break in our new winter coats, and treat ourselves to some special sweets left by friends in addition to testing out one last home made cocoa recipe before giving up and buying some swiss miss packets at the grocery store to enjoy during this nice little cold spell they say will last through the weekend. We've tried a handful so far, and they were nothing spectacular.

The Red Hill brownies were incredible. My friend Whitney recently pulled gluten out of her diet and knew Leon was GF too, so she passed this bag along for us all to try. They were a big hit. Even Mike said they were some of the best brownies he's ever had.

The stump town coffee, a gift from Kate, and just what I needed mid morning, sights set on wrapping the first of their Christmas gifts so they aren't laying around in danger of being exposed. I figure if I can keep this up - wrapping as I go - I should have them all done well before Christmas. A huge relief seeing that I've never been good about that kind of thing.

The hot chocolate is merely a recipe I pulled off good old Pioneer Woman's site because it was super simple and I already had all the stuff on hand. It turned out delicious. We were all impressed. Especially with a splash of vanilla, topped with whip cream. Rich but perfectly suited to the season. Try it out and let me know. If in fact you haven't already.

Hot Cocoa: 2 cups of milk + 2 cups of half & half / heated + 1 cup of semi sweet milk chocolate chips & a splash of vanilla extract = the best cup of cocoa we've had this season yet. 

Back to enjoying another gray morning. Coat on.
Coffee in hand.

Happy Friday.