Style Like:

Hilary Walsh. 

A ca. based photographer I fell in love with based on the feature Here


Everything from the boots she customized herself to the old denim shirt she hung onto from high school, I found immediately appealing about Mrs. Walsh. In the video on site she shares some real and refreshing takes on the fashion world, is honest about the fear of aging in such an industry, and comes across altogether charming in her overall attitudes about her profession, motherhood and her love of craftsmanship over the actual image in product. 

She also admits to wearing the same outfits on a weekly basis for years. I too am guilty of this as well, so I thought it was nice to see someone else take pride in loving what is comfortable and suited to YOU, even when it might stand a bit outside of the currents trends. 


As for me, I'm hoping this stomach bug that invaded our house over the weekend and sent me to bed for the day, clears up soon so I can share some of the posts I had originally intended for this week that involve sharing the excitement in entering the second trimester (16 weeks and counting!) in addition to a couple pieces I've been working on in support of Small Business Saturday

If I can kick this thing, I look forward to sharing them with you. 

For now, hope your Mondays are off to a much more productive start than mine.