Friday, November 15, 2013

The Picnic That Wasn't

We had planned our whole morning around an afternoon picnic at the nature center across town.

I finished up most of the laundry, dishes, emails and some shop orders. They waited patiently, building little wooden houses that turned into towns, engulfed in an all morning debate comparing batman's powers to anything/one they could think of (Well . . .  Rex anyway. Leon, for the most part is kind enough to simply appease his brother's enthusiasm for these kinds of conversations. Even though he could honestly care less about super heroes in general, let alone their super strengths, or capabilities)

Sometime after 11 we finally packed up a small lunch, a blanket and their bug catchers.
Prepared for a short hike after the picnic to wear them out for a late afternoon nap. A nap I had counted on to allow me to finish up everything I else I needed to get done before the weekend -- By Friday, we're all typically pretty exhausted. So the "break" that their nap offers, is secretly welcomed by all of us.  Though luck would have it, by the time I reached the dirt parking lot, they had fallen fast asleep. Solid, heavy slumber which I briefly considered waking them from but ultimately decided against it seeing that because they have drifted off and been out for over 20 minutes now, there was no chance for a longer nap later on. This. Was it.

And then the storm clouds moved in. And it got cold.
I sat for an hour in a parked car, windows down, eating a turkey sandwich while thumbing though an old catalogue I found stuffed in the backseat, regretting the failed picnic, that our day had started later than it should have knowing with weekday adventures, earlier is always better.

... I noted one single squirrel in that one long hour I was there ....

When we got home the two of them were wide eyed and confused, waking up back in the drive way. I explained what happened. They had fallen asleep and we would be back when there to visit when they were nice and rested. They didn't seem the least bit upset. Which surprised me.

The rest of the day proved just as trying as I had imagined it might be. Fights, some fits and overall boredom that comes with being stuck in the house when you had been promised something else. Too cold for bike rides. And the neighbor kids all gone one place or another.

The house is quiet now, half way clean too. The three of them in bed. Again, later than I would have liked.  But asleep. Except Rex. I can still hear him rattling on about robin and batman. But this time no one is answering back. Soon enough he will give it up. Close his eyes and be out for the night.
I'll be in, to pull that shinny blue cape off his neck, turn out the last light.

Tomorrow, we'll start earlier.


  1. time and time again, this lesson has shown itself to be true. earlier is better. easier said than done. (we/i still struggle with it... trying to get it all done before we head out :))

  2. Such a good story a story of a mama life. Yesterday my hubby came home from a business trip I was so happy to have him home and so were the kids but he was tried aren't well all I said. But the funny thing is that I too look forward to naps with my 3yr old and my 6 month old and to get them to nap at the same time is magic but this weekend was so off we had a lot of crying for a long drive and those machine that grab stuff animals. But the thing was that my hubby wanted to lay down with my son around 7 and I said NO NO NO it is to close to bed time and he isn't napping anymore so I was totally afraid that he would fall alseep and get up and be up till like 3 am and mama has to work tomorrow. So i got them both up and off the bed they went to the family room i didn't hear anything for a while so I walk over and both of them OUT. I couldn't believe it I had kept him up all day so that he would sleep early so I could get work done and he just ruined it. Needless to say I was a bit upset but as the night went on he didn't wake up. He opened his eyes about 3am but I just kept him close and loved on him and he went back down till 7am. Now if I weren't such a worrier I would of just sat back and enjoyed that he was asleep from 7 to 7 but maybe next time......

  3. Girl, we were on the same, crappy page that day. <3